The World´s Coolest e-Bikes

Your urban Companion. It´s agility and pace make the Grace Easy your partner in the urban jungle – with speeds of up to 41 km/h you will breeze through any rush hour or over any terrain in a flash.

Elegance Level: Classy. Thanks to the lightweight, aluminum frame, the Grace Easy achieves the perfect balance of weight and rigidity.

Stylish to the Detail. The optional available Brooks accessories nestle up against the clear lines and perfectly matched colors.

Cynosure of all Eyes. The integrated design, which conceals the rechargeable battery in the frame, exudes self-assurance with unbranded components.

Moving Heart. BionX is the only manufacturer until now, who has been able to integrate a rear wheel motor with a hub gear system. The result: optimal handling and freedom from maintenance.

Unchained Experience: Gates Carbon Drive. No other technology provides the perfection that you can expect from Grace, so consistently and intelligently. The innovative tooth profile with the metal spray coating can withstand.

Stopping Power: Magura MT4. The Grace Easy with Magura MT4 brakes intelligently for you via the motor and charges the battery every time the brake is used. This enhances the brake life and increases your range.

red dot thinks it’s awesome. Recognizing the integrated design and stunning technology, Red Dot awarded us with the Product Design Award 2012. Also we received the Extra Energy Award for Best Classic Pedelec 2013: Beautiful, simple and exciting is the Grace Easy, which claimed the win in the Classic Pedelecs category with it’s silent and harmonic working rear engine.